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Infant swing

Keep baby swinging! A back and forth style swing for your infant!

$10/day $50/week

Bag o' Blocks

Who doesn't love playing with blocks? Here is a source of endless entertainment in the form of large interlock blocks. Enough pieces to let your little one's imagination run wild. 

$8/day $40/week


A bouncer and exersaucer all in one! This free standing exersaucer lets your little one turn to experience all the different toys available. Some play music, and light up!

$10/day $50/week

Pressure mounted gate

A Pressure mounted baby gate, with removable panels to make it fit extra wide. This gate is NOT recommended for tops of stairs.

$10/day $50/week

Also available:

There are many other items in our home that we are willing to share as needed, if there is anything else you need to make your trip perfect, feel free to contact us. Some of these items include baby ear protection, a nursing pillow, and baby sun shade/outdoor napper.

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